war on terror


As we woke up on Monday, feeling a little depressed that the next day we would have to get back to work and the ‘royal gift’ of long weekend was almost over, we saw the news that we thought we’d never hear. Osama bin Laden is dead. Once the most dangerous man on Earth, now […]

Who is the most threatening terrorist?

What can the world, especially India and the US learn from Abdulmutallab’s attempted bombing of an American flight on Christmas day? The media are speculating whom to blame, how to approach this issue, and the pseudo-seculars must already be planning their defences. Take an example what Time magazine has to say about lessons to be […]

A war for the world

‘Don’t increase the troops to Afghanistan; more troops are needed to train the local army and police; don’t set deadlines on withdrawal; troops can’t be there forever; we need a plan; having a date is premature; you can never win a war against the Taliban; Veitnam déjà vu…’ Regardless of what you otherwise think about […]

Whither the War?

CNN IBN conducted a panel discussion that explored whether Modi has won the War on Terror. Three distinctly non-related panellists were made to discuss on what seems to be an irreverently biased topic. One of the specifically objectionable aspects was the the term ‘War on Terror.’ The Indian media and public often insouciantly use terms […]