Adjective to terrorism

Enough has been written about the Mumbai blasts and I do not want to write yet another ceremonial condemnation. This piece is not about the Mumbai blasts. Many muslims are uncomfortable with the term ‘Islamic Terrorism’. In this blog itself, I had a visitor who objected to my using this term. Some schools say terrorism […]

War by terror

In a recent interview with NDTV, Anton Balasingam, the chief strategist of LTTE, termed the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi as a ‘great tragedy’ and asked Indian people (read government) to be ‘magnanimous’ enough to put it aside and move on. He, however, did not mention about Padmanabha, Siri Saba Rathinam, Amirthalingam, and various other fellow Tamil leaders […]

One Good News

As I’m writing this, the European Union has just banned LTTE and is currently busy freezing their assets and bank accounts. The plan to declare LTTE as a terrorist organisation has been brewing for some time among the EU nations and I’ve read the news pieces about it a couple of months back. Since then […]