Manmohan Singh

Hanging Woes

Hanging Woes

On Saturday, 8th February 2013, India proved that it is a very weak and insecure republic. Probably it is, but it was made public by the central government’s decision to secretly execute Afzal Guru. The reason for the inordinate delay for rejecting the mercy petition was politically motivated vote-bank calculation. This quick and hurried execution […]

The Great Underachiever

The Great Underachiever

The recent Time magazine cover dubs Manmohan Singh as an underachiever. It points to the delays in some of the key reforms, the recent economic stagnation and voters’ loss of confidence as indicators for its argument. It is not very clear whether they refer to government backtracking of the retail FDI. It might have been […]

Annals of Manipulation

Annals of Manipulation

Quiz questions: How many Congress members have been charge-sheeted or arrested in the 2G Spectrum scam? How many Congress members have been charge-sheeted or arrested in the Commonwealth Games scam? How many Congress members have been charge-sheeted or arrested in the Adarsh Building Society scam? How many Congress members have been charge-sheeted or arrested in […]

Voice of the Mind

There’s a scene in the famous TV sitcom Friends: Ross, an affable yet mildly goofy character gets into a very embarrassing situation. He has to say something to save his face yet he is shocked and tongue tied. His mind keeps shouting at him to ‘say something’ and after a few very uncomfortable minutes of […]

The Cycle

What does Indian public react to what is currently happening in India? As an outsider, as in someone living ‘safely’ away from the chaos, I couldn’t believe the brazenness with which the present government is conducting itself. Day after day, scam after scam, one incredulous lies after another, this government that boasted itself headed by […]

Something went wrong

‘Something went wrong’ was Chidambaram’s reaction to the Maoist massacre in Dantewada. The media headlines screamed for about a day and then things went quiet as the media became busier with Sania and Shoaib’s drama. Then the media stirred a bit when Chidambaram announced that he wished to step down, owning up moral responsibility. That […]

Team Manmohan

As the new, energetic Manmohan Team takes charge, as the media hails the people’s verdict, shower praises on the prime minister and iconize Rahul Gandhi, it is important to observe the ground realities before we get swept by the avalanche of the buoyant reports. It is not, by any stretch of imagination, the greatest team. […]

The answer lies in the middle

Having garnered the Samajwadi Party’s (SP) support, Congress is quite enthusiastic about the prospects of the nuclear deal. Mayavati’s vicious imputation of SP being anti-Muslim is emphatically silenced by Abdul Kalam endorsing the nuclear deal. Now it is official that the deal is going to be activated from India’s side. Unless US Senate or oncoming […]


The Indo-US Nuclear Deal, which I had so long considered to be the only achievement of the present Congress government, bit the dust yesterday thereby leaving the performance score an absolute zero. In an interview to Financial Times, UK, Ashley Tellis, senior official in the Bush cabinet and the original architect of the deal commented […]

123 Agreement and the faces of Indian polity – Part II

I think I covered the 123 Agreement fairly briefly in the last piece of essay. In this piece, I will deal with the reactions and oppositions and their validity. There are oppositions to this agreement from three corners, from the scientists in India, BJP and chiefly, the left. Let’s deal with the nuclear scientists’ concerns. […]