Hanging Woes

Hanging Woes

On Saturday, 8th February 2013, India proved that it is a very weak and insecure republic. Probably it is, but it was made public by the central government’s decision to secretly execute Afzal Guru. The reason for the inordinate delay for rejecting the mercy petition was politically motivated vote-bank calculation. This quick and hurried execution […]

The Massacre of Ideas

Pankaj Mishra’s essay ‘A Massacre Justified By Philanthropy?’ is a political essay drenched in western philosophical embellishments. At the onset, it is very difficult to disagree with Mishra about Kashmir and also about the ideological fundamentalism of Indian secular liberals, the phrase that is supposed to confuse most readers. His essay is much worse though […]

Demography of communalism…

The fire sparked in Amarnath is burning the whole of Jammu & Kashmir. Muslim gangs brought the whole state to a halt in the past week and now it’s the turn of the Hindus. Hindu gods will be terribly upset if we don’t put up an equally good show, if not better. When the Kashmir […]

In the line of fire – Briefly

In his recently launched book and in a televised interview, Pakistan President Musharraf has confessed that he was threatened into coopearating with US on their War on Terror. It was learned that immediately after 9/11, -barely a couple of days after that- Richard Armitage called the Pakistani premier and told him to either be with […]