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Lesson Time

Lesson Time

A week ago the Supreme Court passed two key judgements. One was if a legislator is convicted they will be disqualified from their post on the same day. Previously, if an MP or an MLA is convicted, they would have three months’ time to appeal and during this period, can continue as legislators. Now, they […]

List of Ignominious

Time Magazine’s Top 10 and Top 100 lists have a long tradition. Carefully analysed and collated, they have an international standing today and are eagerly sought by the people of all walks. Weren’t we thrilled when we saw Nayagan on the list of 100 best films? Weren’t we immensely proud when we saw Gandhi topping […]

A Letter to Mr Gandhi

Dear Mr Gandhi I saw the news today and felt immensely overwhelmed at your proclamation. Speaking to the farmers affected by the land acquisition of the UP government, you commented that you felt ‘ashamed to be an Indian’. I fully understand your anguish. In fact, I stand next to you in sharing your shame and […]

Roy and Rage

Try this. Leave your prejudice about Arundati Roy outside your house for about fifteen minutes. That’s how much perhaps it take to read this article. Briefly, just briefly, stop the thought about ‘development’ and ‘India as emerging superpower’ crap. A few angry lines: “The real problem is that the flagship of India’s miraculous ‘growth’ story […]

How special are those economic zones?

This blog comes three months late. Often I wonder why we take our client deadlines seriously but neglect our personal ones. We are being too harsh on ourselves perhaps. It is an interesting topic on which I shall dwell in detail later. But for now, here I go. This is about Special Economic Zones in […]