Do I really care for the Ramar’s Bridge?

Clearly No. I sincerely respect the moods and sentiments of the people who strongly believe that the bridge was indeed built by Lord Rama. I don’t know enough archaeology or history to firmly state that there was a King called Rama who ruled Ayodhya and he waged a battle with Ravana, and built this bridge […]

UP and Caste Politics

This piece actually was a result of a discussion I had with my wife on the UP election results. I started writing this immediately after the results but it could be completed only now. This delay however helped me understand the post-election analysis and various media reports. So this piece is not what it originally […]

The question of who is a foreigner

Shibu Soren got convicted, Sanjay Dutt would go to jail, Ganguly returned to Indian side and oh yeah, henceforth, Shah Rukh Khan would be hosting KBC. In the middle of sensational, crime and the clichéd 24×7 non-stop channel feeds, a very crucial news totally got diminished from the public attention. Especially because we had other […]

Afzal – To hang or not to hang

Last week, one of the most crucial topic debated in the capital was not about farmer’s suicide, the nuclear deal with US, or even the SEZs. It was whether to hang Mohd. Afzal Guru or not. For the late comers, Mohd. Afzal Guru has been convicted by Supreme Court to be hanged until death for […]

Massacring Mahatma

It’s the flavour of the season to write or talk about Gandhi. In India and elsewhere, every writer worth his salt has to write a piece about Gandhi, what with magazines dedicating cover stories and movies eulogising his principles these days. I, an aspiring one, has also been pushed to the corner to prove that […]

Whither Outsourcing?

Few days ago, a colleague sent me a link on how outsourcing has affected Americans, and during our coffee break, lamented that not all is well with outsourcing and many Americans are losing their jobs and suffering. I later went to the site*  and read through some of those angry outbursts. Before I go into my […]

We, the irresponsible people

The elections are over. The public is quite sad that the month-long entertainment is coming to an end and they are now in the climax. The folks from the film-industry are going to heave a huge sigh of relief. One, those who campaigned for the parties are getting a reprieve and those who refused to […]

Followup – On Medha Patkar

I’m gladdened to learn that Saifuddin Soz, Minister for Water Resources and Meira Kumar, Minister for Social Justice visited Medha Patkar and persuaded her to end her fast. But Patkar refused claiming that the government should make some ‘visible’ progress. It is understandable considering how the government has treated Narmada issue in the past. As […]

India rising – Part II

Here is another set of arguments I present to explain why I am feeling what I am feeling. I apologize to those who saw me as an hopelessly unpatriotic pessimist through my last post. I’m neither unpatriotic nor a pessimist. But I see some either a pulp patriotism or a devious motive in these claims. […]

This is not a sacrifice Madam!

Dear Ms. Sonia First off, I would like to congratulate on the euphoria you have managed to create on your resignation from the MP and Chairperson of National Advisory Council. You have successfully managed to create this for the second time. Some media houses called it ‘springing a surprise’, some called it ‘sacrifice’ and some […]