Annals of Manipulation

Annals of Manipulation

Quiz questions: How many Congress members have been charge-sheeted or arrested in the 2G Spectrum scam? How many Congress members have been charge-sheeted or arrested in the Commonwealth Games scam? How many Congress members have been charge-sheeted or arrested in the Adarsh Building Society scam? How many Congress members have been charge-sheeted or arrested in […]

Do You Not Hate Her?

She will easily be the most hated public figure in India. And she’s not a politician. No, she is not one of those wooden actresses of Bombay. Well, she was not the TV anchor who colluded with the powers-that-be to lobby for cabinet berths. She is just a writer; and also an activist. The only […]

Exam Fever

’I have never let my school interfere with my education – Mark Twain’ The inexplicable stress and the performance anxiety; the need for doing endless rote of the incomprehensible subjects; the unnatural and inhuman comparison of who in your classroom is better at History and who at doing Math. The impalpable anguish of studying unknown […]

Team Manmohan

As the new, energetic Manmohan Team takes charge, as the media hails the people’s verdict, shower praises on the prime minister and iconize Rahul Gandhi, it is important to observe the ground realities before we get swept by the avalanche of the buoyant reports. It is not, by any stretch of imagination, the greatest team. […]

The Massacre of Ideas

Pankaj Mishra’s essay ‘A Massacre Justified By Philanthropy?’ is a political essay drenched in western philosophical embellishments. At the onset, it is very difficult to disagree with Mishra about Kashmir and also about the ideological fundamentalism of Indian secular liberals, the phrase that is supposed to confuse most readers. His essay is much worse though […]

Anbumani Ramadoss

Recently Anbumani Ramadoss has commented that it is about time India recognised its gay population. Responding on the grim reality of AIDS in India, he has emphatically spoke in favour of scrapping Section 377 of Indian Penal Code that effectively makes alternative sexuality a crime, and also sympathised with homosexual men and transgender community. Coming […]

The answer lies in the middle

Having garnered the Samajwadi Party’s (SP) support, Congress is quite enthusiastic about the prospects of the nuclear deal. Mayavati’s vicious imputation of SP being anti-Muslim is emphatically silenced by Abdul Kalam endorsing the nuclear deal. Now it is official that the deal is going to be activated from India’s side. Unless US Senate or oncoming […]

Karnataka and After

Some called it a new leaf in the history book; some alerted the public about the dangerous expansion of Hindutva forces; some attributed it to the decades of constant hard work. Polemics aside, it cannot be denied that newness has entered Karnataka. BJP, the saffron party, the so called Hindutva Brigade has wrested the power […]

For a few rupees more

Living in the UK helped in understanding a few things about India. Some of them are related to the history of these two nations, colonialism, economy and lifestyle. I intend writing about them in detail later. Apart from certain clarities that emerged out of the cloudy belief system I had, there were some myths about […]

123 Agreement and the faces of Indian polity – Part II

I think I covered the 123 Agreement fairly briefly in the last piece of essay. In this piece, I will deal with the reactions and oppositions and their validity. There are oppositions to this agreement from three corners, from the scientists in India, BJP and chiefly, the left. Let’s deal with the nuclear scientists’ concerns. […]