Talibanising Hinduism

Talibanising Hinduism

As you read this, in one of the warehouses of Penguin Publications, all the copies of the book titled ‘Hinduism: An Alternative History’, written by Wendy Doniger, are being destroyed and reduced to pulp. Penguin announced that it is unilaterally withdrawing the sale and distribution of this book with effect from today. Only that the […]

Freedom and Hypocrisy

Freedom and Hypocrisy

In many art galleries in London, including the famed Tate Modern, you can see art that intentionally confounds you, even aggravates you. Some are downright silly and some are plain offensive. The notes next to these works encourage the viewer to question the premise of art. What is art? What is the role of art […]

Maqbool Fida Husain

I’m not a connoisseur of art. I can call myself an fledgling art-enthusiast, someone who has peripheral but keen interest in art. With that meagre qualification, I can proclaim that I’m a fan of M F Husain. I have a print of one of his horse series paintings. Obviously a print as I can’t afford […]

To protect what you hate

‘We have been called as the land of KAMA SUTRA, then why is it in this land we shy away from its very name? Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and so does obscenity’ ‘Ancient art has never been devoid of eroticism where sex worship and graphical representation of the union between man […]

Oh, Taslima

This blog, keeping with my track record, comes a week late. Earlier, the e-learning projects exhausted me and prevented me from keeping my blog up to date. Now my assignments are keeping me too busy to do the same. Excuses aside, here I am. This time, taking up the cause of Taslima Nasrin. Here’s an […]

One bad news

Couple of weeks back, the Information and Broadcasting Minister Priya Ranjan Das Munshi decided to view The Da Vinci Code along with a few Christian representatives to decide whether it’s fit for Indian public’s consumption. Of all, the Censor Board was aghast at this move and the board chairman bitterly remarked it as a ‘bad’ […]