The Age of the Warrior

The Age of the Warrior

Robert Fisk is an angry man. I can’t blame him. If you were a foreign correspondent in the Middle East, based in Beirut, for more than 30 years having seen countless wars, insurgencies and injustices, it’s any wonder that you even lived to tell the tale. He had climbed and walked over a mountain of […]

A war for the world

‘Don’t increase the troops to Afghanistan; more troops are needed to train the local army and police; don’t set deadlines on withdrawal; troops can’t be there forever; we need a plan; having a date is premature; you can never win a war against the Taliban; Veitnam déjà vu…’ Regardless of what you otherwise think about […]

Iraq, Again

I had written about Iraq before. I’m compelled to write again now because this week, the entire western media is busy observing the fifth anniversary of the war. Understandably, the noise is particularly jarring in the UK. From documentaries to public surveys to special supplements to newspapers, they are everywhere. Since I have been reading […]