Queen The Film

Queen The Film

[Cast: Kangana Ranaut, Lisa Hayden, Rajkumar Rao; Music: Amit Trivedi; Direction: Vikas Bahl] About fifteen years ago, when I moved to Hyderabad, I was shopping for grocery for the first time in my life. I called a wife of one of my friends and asked her for English word for ‘hing’. In the film Queen, […]

Santacruz Millionaires

‘How many a times must a man turn his head, pretending he just doesn’t see?’ – Bob Dylan, Blowin’ in the wind The controversy generated by Amitabh Bachchan, now reached international media has slightly marred the buoyancy felt by the success of Slumdog Millionaire. The age-old – albiet clichéd – complaint from the mainstream film-makers […]

To be or not to be

Whether it is nobler in the mind to wallow the slings and arrows of outrageous mainstream or to take arms against a sea of mediocrity. May the Bard pardon the liberal bastardisation of his phrase; hopefully he would understand the dilemma that faces the pseudo intellectuals caught on the middle of this river, not knowing […]


Cast: Abhishek Bacchan, Aishwarya Roy, R. Madhavan, Mithun Chakrabarty, Music: A R Rahman, Direction: Mani Ratnam Namratha Joshi, the film critic from Outlook wrote this about Yuva, Ratnam’s last movie, ‘Yuva is not a good film, it pretends to be a good film’. Thinking about it there is something distinct I noticed while watching Mani […]