Fall of the Anarchists – Part II

Fall of the Anarchists – Part II

This is the second part of my analysis of Arvind Kejriwal’s resignation. To read Part I, click here. In this piece I take the second approach to analyse Kejriwal’s resignation: the way of Indian democracy. More than anything else, what disturbs me the most is Arvind Kejriwal’s disrespect towards Indian democracy. He makes sweeping allegations […]

Invitation to Anarchy

Invitation to Anarchy

If anybody had doubts about the danger of Anna Hazare’s Anti-Corruption movement, this is the moment for them to change their mind. In a recent press meet, he has invited the Army Chief to join his anti-corruption campaign. Already, the Army Chief is creating ruckus on his own by washing his dirty linens in public. […]

Do You Not Hate Her?

She will easily be the most hated public figure in India. And she’s not a politician. No, she is not one of those wooden actresses of Bombay. Well, she was not the TV anchor who colluded with the powers-that-be to lobby for cabinet berths. She is just a writer; and also an activist. The only […]

Another Letter to Rahul

Dear Mr Gandhi Hope you are doing well. I wrote you a letter a few weeks ago when an incident occurred that made you feel ashamed of being an Indian. Since people like me knew some bit of history, and we had been ashamed several times in the past, I wrote to appraise you that […]

Saints and Sinners

Christian theology has clear definitions for saints and sinners. There are even manual-like guidelines on how one could be categorised as a sinner or, through Vatican’s beatification processes, a saint. In the Indian mythological context, however, as with everything else, such definitions are murky. Many things described as sinful were committed by the gods and […]

A Building,.. And Some Nostalgia

A Commons’ Committee, investigating on the delay caused in construction, called British Library’s new building ‘one of the ugliest buildings in the world’. Obviously none of the members had ever been to India or else the library would have met some serious contenders. Worse still, if they had seen the new secretariat complex built under […]

A Letter to Mr Gandhi

Dear Mr Gandhi I saw the news today and felt immensely overwhelmed at your proclamation. Speaking to the farmers affected by the land acquisition of the UP government, you commented that you felt ‘ashamed to be an Indian’. I fully understand your anguish. In fact, I stand next to you in sharing your shame and […]