Who is the most threatening terrorist?

What can the world, especially India and the US learn from Abdulmutallab’s attempted bombing of an American flight on Christmas day? The media are speculating whom to blame, how to approach this issue, and the pseudo-seculars must already be planning their defences. Take an example what Time magazine has to say about lessons to be […]

President or Philosopher

‘There is no greater security challenge in the world today than turning the tide on nuclear-proliferation, and pursuing the goal of nuclear-free world,’ is not a line from some university scholar’s book about nuclear proliferation. ‘A war with no end, a dependence on oil that threatens our future, schools where too many children aren’t learning, […]

The shoe missed his face

About half of Arab world is gleefully lapping up the video. Even the Talibans, who are against any form of pictorial representation, would be downloading and watching it with relish. Some oil-rich millionaires from Saudi even offered to buy the shoes at astounding prices. Hundreds of Iraqis rallied to demand the release of the journalist, […]

Iraq, Again

I had written about Iraq before. I’m compelled to write again now because this week, the entire western media is busy observing the fifth anniversary of the war. Understandably, the noise is particularly jarring in the UK. From documentaries to public surveys to special supplements to newspapers, they are everywhere. Since I have been reading […]

Should we sleep with him?

Post Iran-vote and the President’s visit, the much debated topic among the so-called intellectuals is this: What kind of relationship are we going to have with United States of America? I thank Vinod Mehta for putting this idea in perspective. Because our politicos and policy makers are quite confused as to how to deal with […]