Recommendations: Khuda Kay Liye

The non literal English translation: In The Name of God. A poignant Pakistani story about religious fundamentalism, terrorism, and post 9/11 world order. The movie is actually not as heavy as the problems it deal with sounds. It is actually a gripping tale told through contemporary narrative of interwoven time slices. You also get a bonus: great music.

The end is a compromise expected in subcontinent movies, but that doesn’t dilute the arguments reified sincerely by the director, Shoaib Mansoor.

If it helps, Naseeruddin Shah dons a cameo, and the lead actress Iman Ali, a Pakistani model, looks absolutely stunning!

p.s. Unless you’re an exponent in Hindi and Urdu, you’ll need subtitles. Remember it’s a Pakistani film and hence is in Urdu.