Do You Not Hate Her?

She will easily be the most hated public figure in India. And she’s not a politician. No, she is not one of those wooden actresses of Bombay. Well, she was not the TV anchor who colluded with the powers-that-be to lobby for cabinet berths. She is just a writer; and also an activist. The only problem with her is she does something which nobody else dares. She speaks for the poorest of the poor, in Franz Fanon’s words ‘the wretched of the earth.’ That’s all she does. But nobody is ardently hated and on nobody such venom has been spewed in India as this person.

No prices for guessing because chances are you hate her too. But have you ever thought why? I hate her too. For the same reason that you do too. That’s because she makes us feel uncomfortable. She makes us, the indifferent, insouciant middle-class into villains. She defecates on us.

Does she have the right to do that? That’s not a clear no because, we get the treatment from her what we do to the ‘wretched’ of India. We treat them like our own excrement. And she, on their behalf, returns the favour.

So is there any wonder that she thinks this way about Anna Hazare’s movement, the one propelled by the supposedly angry middle-class and propped up by the propaganda arm of the middle-class, the media?

If you have got the guts, read what she says here.