They say, there’s a time and place for everything. And this is not the time to praise Congress. We need to ensure that the Congress is defeated in this election and are made to sit in the opposition for at least the next five years. Perhaps they need to be given that time to reflect on the mammoth scandals that they have unleashed on this country.

But, but. What is happening in the emergence of Aam Aadmi Party is making us rethink this. The social media is full of scorn for Sheila Dixit. Every time someone from the AAP tries to sully her image, the public erupts in joy. And of course there are other usual suspects, such as Kapil Sibal, Veerappa Moily, etc.

I think we need to set the record straight. The AAP can try all their might with their, now notorious, shoot and scoot tactics: Throw an allegation on somebody, especially a Congress or a BJP leader and then runaway. Then, when things begin to heat up again, come back with some fresh mud.

Sheila Dixit is just not all that ill-reputation that AAP has built up on about. Tell a lie ten times and it becomes the truth. I don’t know whether Dixit was corrupt or not. In today’s political scenario, it may be difficult for any politician to lead an incorruptible life, especially if he or she wants to stay in power and attempt to make a difference. You might have to make some compromises here and there in order to get some things done. It is something quite similar to paying for your ration card or driving licence. You do it not because you are corrupt, but because you just want that damn licence. There are politicians who may just look the other way, as uncomfortable as they are about it, just so they can move their agenda. However, there are some politicians who willingly court corruption. They solicit proposals and design schemes only with the intention of making money. People like Sheila Dixit are, I believe, in the former category.

Having said that, the difference she brought to that city during her tenure is astounding. The infrastructural projects, investments, and the lifestyle upgrade of its citizens is all there for us to see. Her efforts and sincerity with which the projects are executed are discussed, debated and extolled in several columns and books.

Mind you, that there is only so much a chief minister can do. Most of the municipal councils are with the BJP. Security apparatus such as the police are with the centre. Certain legislative powers are with the Lt. Governor. With all these things pulling in different directions, it is amazing what she has achieved. It is not easy governing that city and meeting all that expectations, as AAP is beginning to learn.

Not just Dixit, but there are several capable and talented leaders in Congress. Jayanthi Natarajan, Sashi Tharoor, Jayram Ramesh, Mani Shankar Aiyer, AK Antony, the list can go on. Sometimes these people may find their hands tied due to certain political compulsions, just like how Kejriwal now finds his hands tied with the electricity and security situation, and possibly in several other departments as well.

Sheila Dixit was one of the best chief ministers India had had. She may or may not be corrupt, but, within the ambit of her administration, she performed ably. Her fall can only be attributed to the scandals of the UPA and the sensationalism of the AAP.
On the other hand, we are seeing the incorruptible rulers fumbling with administration every day and resorting to the tactic of one-mudsling-a-day to compensate for their administrative inadequacies. After all, this AAP governance has achieved one good thing now: we’re beginning to look at our politicians with renewed respect.