Imported Engines for the Culturally Pure

These are the people who prided themselves of successfully chasing away the ‘Hindi demon’ out of the Tamil land. They strived to ‘purify’ their mother language by purging it of  ‘foreign’ words, especially the Sanskrit words; for, hailing from the Dravidian homeland they considered Sanskrit as the foreign language. They propagated Tamil ritual practices in the Hindu temples in Tamil Nadu. They also strove to eliminate ‘Aryan’ religious practices from among the Tamils. They achieved it by ‘purifying’ the marriage rituals; they threw out the Brahmin priest in the wedding and the Sanskrit mantras. They used Thirukkural for marriage functions, because, according to them, it is pure Dravidian literature.

These are the people who wanted to eliminate English from government schools. They prided themselves of naming children with pure Tamil names. During their ruling, their mayor even announced a gold ring as a gift for any parents who christen pure Tamil names to their children.

Their organisation emerged from the principle of detesting and hating anything and everything ‘foreign’; not just to India, but even to Tamil. So Hindi, Sanskrit, Vedas, Aryan Gods; even a genius composer like Tyagaraja, who was born and worked in Thanjavur was anathema to them simply because he wrote in Telugu!

Now, they are all  driving around in Lamborghinis, Hummers and Rovers. They needed not just foreign branded cars, but foreign made ones. There are several car manufacturing plants less than 50 kilometres from where they live, but that just won’t do. They and their children are special people who require imported vehicles to paint the town red.

Never mind these facts: that they are not sons of businessmen; that they are politicians who are supposed to live on the meagre government salary and party allowances; that they will loot in thousands of crores, but won’t bother to pay import duties; that many of those cars are today untraceable; that this case had been lying under the carpet for the past four years.

Just look at the fact that these very people, the guardians of Tamil purity, the warriors of foreignness, today own foreign motorcars. Not just foreign branded ones. But foreign made ones.

Fair enough. They award gold ring to families adopting Tamil names, but will give their own children Russian and Sanskrit names (Stalin, Dayanidhi, Aditya). They will make all government and corporation school children read only in Tamil, but enrol their own children in convent schools and send them to the US for higher studies. So it is only fair that they imbibe their own internal foreignness in their choice of vehicle as well!