Invitation to Anarchy

If anybody had doubts about the danger of Anna Hazare’s Anti-Corruption movement, this is the moment for them to change their mind. In a recent press meet, he has invited the Army Chief to join his anti-corruption campaign. Already, the Army Chief is creating ruckus on his own by washing his dirty linens in public. If he joins the Hazare movement, his process of chaos will be complete.

Anna Hazare movement, kicked off on a high note fell, flat sooner than expected. His was compared with the JP movement and soon Anna showed that he was not JP. And his group proved to be nothing but a circus.

JP Movement exposed Indira Gandhi as the corrupt, petulant and draconian leader and dethroned her. It fought hard for the survival of democracy in Indian and achieved it. Anna’s Movement only ended up exposing themselves: Anna as an ignorant, childish and obdurate person, Kiran Bedi as a double-speaking ideologist and Arvind Kejriwal as a scheming agent.

Anna wanted to replicate the success of Ralegan Siddhi everywhere in the country. He praised Modi one day and then, at the danger of neutral secularists deserting him, condemned the Gujarat government the next day. He advocated tying erring people to a pole and whipping them. He supported slapping politicians. He prayed for total prohibition. In short he was roughly two centuries behind.

It is a shame that such a person would end up hijacking the corruption issue.

Corruption in India is so deep-rooted and so malevolent that it is impossible to eliminate it merely with a piece of legislation, however draconian that piece of legislation itself could be. The Jan Lokpal they want introduced would have been just a sham had it not been so dangerous. If the Jan Lokpal bill is introduced, there will be more courts, more layers of jurisdiction, more false cases, and more confusion leading to more corruption. Lots of good people will be punished simply by an allegation and a lot of bad people will continue to thrive under multiple allegations, escaping from one level of law to another; there will be more loop-holes causing further delay in the corrupt cases. What Anna Hazare wants will not lead to stronger law. Instead, it will lead to Armageddon. It will paint all good people into multiple shades of grey, thereby camouflaging the dark guys further.

It was a good thing that the Lok Pal bill was not passed. It was a bad thing that all the corrupt people conspired together to fail it in the Parliament, but that was okay. The corrupt people have been conspiring for a lot of bad things but a few good things emerge out of them accidentally. Lok Pal’s failure is one of them.

The support Anna Hazare received from the people, leaders and some of the celebrities was an emotional one. People generally rally around if a politician was to be punished, as they are the personification of all evils in the society. Like the proverbial villain in films. If the villain in punished the film has a happy ending. It is convenient to see them as villains, and some of them really are, and that’s why Anna’s movement gained such a momentum.  On the other hand, Anna Hazare lacked vision for a real transformation. That’s why it also fizzled out.

In reality, a politician is just part of the problem, often times a residue of the problem. A lot of operators often make life difficult for politicians who attempt at any transformation. Corporate executives, working for their ever greedy masters, are often the enticers, especially in the post-reform India. It is impossible that somebody like Karunanidhi would have thought up 2G idea on his own. Anna’s Lokpal will continue to make villains out of politicians whilst the rest of the country can continue to swindle safely.

And, now Anna wants to make things worse. He wants to add the army chief to this circus. One of the best things that happened to Indian democracy was that no army chief has ever shown any interest in politics after retirement. There’s already a danger that Gen. VK Singh may change that. What’s next in Anna’s agenda? Invite the General to stage a coup?