Tamil Films


Subramaniapuram is no ordinary movie. A quick glance at the promotional posters and stills will tell you that. Watching the movie will confirm this more. There are no good-looking characters, mind-boggling stunts, item-songs, ‘punch-dialogues’ or any other regulation Tamil film imperatives. The pace is quite slow even by the standards of art-house Bengali or French […]


Time: Circa 1981. The first scene of a new movie opens. A music studio is seen where the recording for a song is about to begin. The easels for the violin notes are shown in a row. As the camera pans to each stand, one easel is blank without the notes sheets. That violinist is […]

Sivaji – The Boss

You should not ask any questions about Sivaji. If you are wondering how Rajini manages to live through a huge shock or how he manages to issue those threats to the villain, who has immeasurable political clout, you would be wrong. On the best case, it is like wondering how Spidey manages to extract such […]

Good movies and bad movies Part II

  In the recent version of King Kong, a particular scene comes to my mind as I begin to write this. Kong, after ‘rescuing’ the girl (Naomi Watts) from the clutches of the city, on their way to escape, lands in the frozen lake in New York’s Central Park. As expected, Kong slides down the […]

Thavamai Thavamirundu

Cast: Cheran, Padmapriya, Raj Kiran, Sharanya Music: Sabesh Murali Written and Directed by Cheran   It would be unfair if I don’t review this movie after creating so much hype and also brazenly proclaiming that I’m a Cheran fan. Being a true fan, I caught the movie the first day first show. Thavamai Thavamirundu, literally […]