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FDI in Retail: Through the Broken Window

FDI in Retail: Through the Broken Window

by Subash Viswanathan Like every “premier business school graduate” whose fortunes revolve around capitalism, my arguments would always be in favour of FDI in retail. Facts have been presented both in favour (that consumers will enjoy lower prices after FDI in retail) and against (with the advent of the Sachin endorsed Pepsi and Aamir Khan […]

Retail FDI – A Story of The Future

Retail FDI – A Story of The Future

  There’s an old lady who comes carrying a bamboo basket full of spinach to Triplicane streets, calling out ‘keeré’, ‘keeré’ in feeble cry. ‘Keeré’ is Tamil for spinach so the word may be different from where you’re coming from. This lady is 85-year old and has more wrinkles on her than an alligator. She […]

Roy and Rage

Try this. Leave your prejudice about Arundati Roy outside your house for about fifteen minutes. That’s how much perhaps it take to read this article. Briefly, just briefly, stop the thought about ‘development’ and ‘India as emerging superpower’ crap. A few angry lines: “The real problem is that the flagship of India’s miraculous ‘growth’ story […]

Taste of their own medicine

In Kerala, on the Kochi-Aluva highway, you can see a dilapidated Apollo Tyres factory. The legend has it that the factory was the first tyre unit in Kerala opened 15 years ago, and within a couple of years, it was closed down due to an agitation by the worker’s union. Till date apparently no resolution […]

For a few rupees more

Living in the UK helped in understanding a few things about India. Some of them are related to the history of these two nations, colonialism, economy and lifestyle. I intend writing about them in detail later. Apart from certain clarities that emerged out of the cloudy belief system I had, there were some myths about […]

How special are those economic zones?

This blog comes three months late. Often I wonder why we take our client deadlines seriously but neglect our personal ones. We are being too harsh on ourselves perhaps. It is an interesting topic on which I shall dwell in detail later. But for now, here I go. This is about Special Economic Zones in […]

Whither Outsourcing?

Few days ago, a colleague sent me a link on how outsourcing has affected Americans, and during our coffee break, lamented that not all is well with outsourcing and many Americans are losing their jobs and suffering. I later went to the site*  and read through some of those angry outbursts. Before I go into my […]

Do you know this woman?

She is Medha Patkar, founder of Narmada Bachao Andolan (NBA). If you came late, here’s an ultra-quick background: Our government is building an obscenely humungous dam on Narmada and is destroying rainforests, submerging agricultural lands and above all displacing millions of rural and tribal people without a planned or visible rehabilitation programme. This is at […]

India rising – Part II

Here is another set of arguments I present to explain why I am feeling what I am feeling. I apologize to those who saw me as an hopelessly unpatriotic pessimist through my last post. I’m neither unpatriotic nor a pessimist. But I see some either a pulp patriotism or a devious motive in these claims. […]

India Rising – Part I

A few people asked me who is Tom Friedman. I wanted to answer that question and when this link was sent to me as junk forward, I thought I will write what is in my mind. There seems to be a general gung-ho about India’s economic prospects. Post Bangalore, every wannabe-metro is laying ring roads […]