Indian Politics

Followup – On Medha Patkar

I’m gladdened to learn that Saifuddin Soz, Minister for Water Resources and Meira Kumar, Minister for Social Justice visited Medha Patkar and persuaded her to end her fast. But Patkar refused claiming that the government should make some ‘visible’ progress. It is understandable considering how the government has treated Narmada issue in the past. As […]

This is not a sacrifice Madam!

Dear Ms. Sonia First off, I would like to congratulate on the euphoria you have managed to create on your resignation from the MP and Chairperson of National Advisory Council. You have successfully managed to create this for the second time. Some media houses called it ‘springing a surprise’, some called it ‘sacrifice’ and some […]

Should we sleep with him?

Post Iran-vote and the President’s visit, the much debated topic among the so-called intellectuals is this: What kind of relationship are we going to have with United States of America? I thank Vinod Mehta for putting this idea in perspective. Because our politicos and policy makers are quite confused as to how to deal with […]