Indian Politics

Demography of communalism…

The fire sparked in Amarnath is burning the whole of Jammu & Kashmir. Muslim gangs brought the whole state to a halt in the past week and now it’s the turn of the Hindus. Hindu gods will be terribly upset if we don’t put up an equally good show, if not better. When the Kashmir […]


The Indo-US Nuclear Deal, which I had so long considered to be the only achievement of the present Congress government, bit the dust yesterday thereby leaving the performance score an absolute zero. In an interview to Financial Times, UK, Ashley Tellis, senior official in the Bush cabinet and the original architect of the deal commented […]

Karnataka and After

Some called it a new leaf in the history book; some alerted the public about the dangerous expansion of Hindutva forces; some attributed it to the decades of constant hard work. Polemics aside, it cannot be denied that newness has entered Karnataka. BJP, the saffron party, the so called Hindutva Brigade has wrested the power […]

123 Agreement and the faces of Indian polity – Part II

I think I covered the 123 Agreement fairly briefly in the last piece of essay. In this piece, I will deal with the reactions and oppositions and their validity. There are oppositions to this agreement from three corners, from the scientists in India, BJP and chiefly, the left. Let’s deal with the nuclear scientists’ concerns. […]

123 Agreement and the faces of Indian polity – Part I

I have been meaning to write about this for quite some time but never managed time. I said time because though I had the good understanding of the behaviour of Indian political community, I wanted to study a few essays by the experts in order understand the technicalities before I convince myself of what I […]

Do I really care for the Ramar’s Bridge?

Clearly No. I sincerely respect the moods and sentiments of the people who strongly believe that the bridge was indeed built by Lord Rama. I don’t know enough archaeology or history to firmly state that there was a King called Rama who ruled Ayodhya and he waged a battle with Ravana, and built this bridge […]

UP and Caste Politics

This piece actually was a result of a discussion I had with my wife on the UP election results. I started writing this immediately after the results but it could be completed only now. This delay however helped me understand the post-election analysis and various media reports. So this piece is not what it originally […]

Small Men

Though I have been actively following up domestic politics, I haven’t found much to write about them in the blog. All seemed unabashedly corrupt and uniformly illiterate. However, the recent developments enraged me so much that I thought I will write about the current regime in Tamil Nadu. This government is a minority in the […]

The question of who is a foreigner

Shibu Soren got convicted, Sanjay Dutt would go to jail, Ganguly returned to Indian side and oh yeah, henceforth, Shah Rukh Khan would be hosting KBC. In the middle of sensational, crime and the clichéd 24×7 non-stop channel feeds, a very crucial news totally got diminished from the public attention. Especially because we had other […]

We, the irresponsible people

The elections are over. The public is quite sad that the month-long entertainment is coming to an end and they are now in the climax. The folks from the film-industry are going to heave a huge sigh of relief. One, those who campaigned for the parties are getting a reprieve and those who refused to […]