Indian Politics

Something went wrong

‘Something went wrong’ was Chidambaram’s reaction to the Maoist massacre in Dantewada. The media headlines screamed for about a day and then things went quiet as the media became busier with Sania and Shoaib’s drama. Then the media stirred a bit when Chidambaram announced that he wished to step down, owning up moral responsibility. That […]

The Evil Father

‘If the British left, India will fall back quite rapidly through the centuries into the barbarism and privations of the Middle Ages.’ – Winston Churchill, December 1930 Last week, we came almost close to proving Churchill right. India have an ineluctable habit of frequently pressing the self-destruct button and then, almost miraculously cancelling it in […]

New Year, New Decade

It’s not just the beginning of the New Year but also the beginning of a decade. That’s what the media will have us believe. We believe a lot of things the media says so this needn’t be an exception. Nevertheless, what could be more phenomenal about a new decade, what is not about a new […]

The Ayatollah of National Congress

Even Indira Gandhi never had it so good: What his daughter-in-law is enjoying is much greater freedom, arguably much bigger power and inarguably with much less responsibility. Just when the Telengana problem is threatening to burst the seams of an already a fragile India, when the central government has shot itself in the foot by […]

Team Manmohan

As the new, energetic Manmohan Team takes charge, as the media hails the people’s verdict, shower praises on the prime minister and iconize Rahul Gandhi, it is important to observe the ground realities before we get swept by the avalanche of the buoyant reports. It is not, by any stretch of imagination, the greatest team. […]

The party with indifference

Nobody knows whether the speech made by Varun Gandhi in Philibit was real or doctored. But everybody seems to have an opinion on the speech based on which side of the fence they are in. While BJP’s stand oscillates from condemnation to vague defence to angry indignation, the media roared by prophesising Armageddon. The torchbearers […]

The Return of the TADA

Mayavati of the Uttar Pradesh must be smacking her lips in anticipation. Jayalalitha must already be waiting outside the Parliament like a child gone to a sweet stall with her father. These two leaders have a reason to celebrate. A new anti-terror law is being introduced in the country by the government. After months of […]

The Massacre of Ideas

Pankaj Mishra’s essay ‘A Massacre Justified By Philanthropy?’ is a political essay drenched in western philosophical embellishments. At the onset, it is very difficult to disagree with Mishra about Kashmir and also about the ideological fundamentalism of Indian secular liberals, the phrase that is supposed to confuse most readers. His essay is much worse though […]

Portrait of a government

Here is a quiz question. If you answer correctly, you get ten bonus points and get to participate in Kaun Banega Crorepati, if this game show is still running that is. Well, here’s the question: Who is India’s Home Minister? If you have answered it correctly, you can go ahead and call the KBC helpline […]

The answer lies in the middle

Having garnered the Samajwadi Party’s (SP) support, Congress is quite enthusiastic about the prospects of the nuclear deal. Mayavati’s vicious imputation of SP being anti-Muslim is emphatically silenced by Abdul Kalam endorsing the nuclear deal. Now it is official that the deal is going to be activated from India’s side. Unless US Senate or oncoming […]