Thank You Mujahideens

Dear Deccan Mujahideens, I would like to use this occasion to thank you for the services you have rendered to our government and the Indian state. You have conducted what is termed as the ‘most organised’, ‘most lethal’ and ‘highly determined’ terror attack ever on the Indian soil. Some of these adjectives were employed by […]

The Hindu Rate of Wrath

The title for this piece is borrowed from Fracois Gautier’s passionate article in the Outlook magazine. His article is a response to the latest sensation in India about the ‘Hindu’ bomb blast in Malegaon allegedly carried out by Sadhvi Pragya Takur. One of the most prominent pseudo-secular media houses in India CNN IBN smacked its […]

POTA is not the answer

When India attained Independence, she embraced socialism because it seemed to be the wise thing to do. With capitalist America struggling to emerge out of depression and socialist Europe and Communist Soviet emerging victorious, adopting socialism for a just born country was thought of as a logical step. In the late 80s when the socialist […]

Whither the War?

CNN IBN conducted a panel discussion that explored whether Modi has won the War on Terror. Three distinctly non-related panellists were made to discuss on what seems to be an irreverently biased topic. One of the specifically objectionable aspects was the the term ‘War on Terror.’ The Indian media and public often insouciantly use terms […]

Portrait of a government

Here is a quiz question. If you answer correctly, you get ten bonus points and get to participate in Kaun Banega Crorepati, if this game show is still running that is. Well, here’s the question: Who is India’s Home Minister? If you have answered it correctly, you can go ahead and call the KBC helpline […]

The aftermath

The most frustrating debate that’s deafening our ears these days is this: To call them terrorists or not? Are they terrorists or mere criminals? While I wince at the term ‘mere’, I struggle hard to identify and understand why such a noise is being made in the first place. If you are wondering what I’m […]

Afzal – To hang or not to hang

Last week, one of the most crucial topic debated in the capital was not about farmer’s suicide, the nuclear deal with US, or even the SEZs. It was whether to hang Mohd. Afzal Guru or not. For the late comers, Mohd. Afzal Guru has been convicted by Supreme Court to be hanged until death for […]

Adjective to terrorism

Enough has been written about the Mumbai blasts and I do not want to write yet another ceremonial condemnation. This piece is not about the Mumbai blasts. Many muslims are uncomfortable with the term ‘Islamic Terrorism’. In this blog itself, I had a visitor who objected to my using this term. Some schools say terrorism […]

War by terror

In a recent interview with NDTV, Anton Balasingam, the chief strategist of LTTE, termed the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi as a ‘great tragedy’ and asked Indian people (read government) to be ‘magnanimous’ enough to put it aside and move on. He, however, did not mention about Padmanabha, Siri Saba Rathinam, Amirthalingam, and various other fellow Tamil leaders […]

One Good News

As I’m writing this, the European Union has just banned LTTE and is currently busy freezing their assets and bank accounts. The plan to declare LTTE as a terrorist organisation has been brewing for some time among the EU nations and I’ve read the news pieces about it a couple of months back. Since then […]