Padma Who?

I have never heard of the name Yasmin Merchant and had he been conferred with a Padma Shri, I would be wondering whether he deserved it. But he hadn’t and he is apparently very disappointed to have missed it. So upset was he that he has written a heart-breaking letter to Rahul Gandhi questioning the […]


Around a decade ago during a casual chat about music, I mentioned to a friend of mine that Jackson defined the eighties. ‘No,’ he replied, ‘He was the eighties.’ Those who had their formative years in the eighties would certainly agree. You are touched by his music regardless of which part of the globe you […]

Exam Fever

’I have never let my school interfere with my education – Mark Twain’ The inexplicable stress and the performance anxiety; the need for doing endless rote of the incomprehensible subjects; the unnatural and inhuman comparison of who in your classroom is better at History and who at doing Math. The impalpable anguish of studying unknown […]


It did not exactly start with the bass pitched rhythm of O…Saya, but with the long, rustic humming as a background for the song about a village girl expressing her little mundane desires. When the song hit the town, everyone had sensed that their world has changed. Allah Rakha Rahman, became the musical icon of […]

On Rahman

My friend Surendar, being a huge fan of A R Rahman asked me if I could write about him. Hence, this piece is dedicated to him. If you are from Tamil Nadu, when you talk about Rahman, it is also inevitable to talk about Illayaraja. While I detest this comparison, it has become imperative now […]

Thiruvasagam in Symphonic Oratorio

Thiruvasagam in Symphonic Oratorio, Composer and Orchestrator: Ilaiyaraaja, Conductor: Laszlo Kovacs, Orchestra: Budapest Symphony Orchestra, Publisher: Tamil Maiyam   For an Indian, Ilaiyaraja does not require any introduction. Non-Indians, please visit his site to learn more. Thiruvasagam is a collection of classical hyms in Tamil written by a twelth century Saint called Manickavasagar. The album […]